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Photojournalist Azhar Jafri remembered

Pakistan Press Foundation

In association with Tasweergarh, Camera for People, and The Little Art, Aangun Centre for Learning and Culture launched a series of events Friday honouring Pakistani photographers.

Based on the work of the late acclaimed photojournalist Azhar Jafri, the first event in the series, was addressed by Mustafa Nazir Ahmad, freelance journalist, and Aun Jafri, photojournalist and Azhar Jafri’s son. Umair Ghani, a photojournalist and author, moderated the event.

Aangun Centre for Learning and Culture’s Shoaib Iqbal said the programme “Pakistani Photographers” brings together a community to celebrate and share the works of photographers from Pakistan.

A series of events based on Pakistani photojournalists, according to Mr. Iqbal, will be held. He claimed that photography was one of several creative genres that were not given enough credit. Iqbal referred to Azhar Jafri as a figure of great substance when he recalled his first contact with him at an exhibition in Deeplapur. “In our first encounter, we discussed a variety of topics that demonstrated Jafri’s commitment for a progressive society.”

According to Umair Ghani, Azhar Jafri’s photography elevated news reporting. He was raised to a higher pedestal because of his eyes’ ability to recognize the news in a picture thanks to 43 years of professional photography.

“When I requested him that I want to learn this art from him, he was more than welcoming and he never thought for a second that I am a budding photographer,” said Ghani

He first met Jafri back in 2006 at a meeting at Halqa Arbab-i-Zauq on the very topic of photography and Jafri was invited there to throw light on various aspects of this skill.

Mustafa said his association with Jafri started in 1993 when he was working with Frontier Post. Jafri was a well-known photojournalist whom not only the prime ministers of the time knew but also political workers. He was equally at ease at any function he covered — be it a book launch, a musical evening, or a political gathering — he was welcomed at all such places with great respect. His photographs were at times big news themselves, and sometimes his photographs were so explicit that they did not need any captions. Once, when Benazir Bhutto came to the Lahore Press Club for the oath ceremony of the governing body, club president Huma Ali wanted to introduce Azhar Jafri to her, but before Ali could say anything, Ms Bhutto said that no introduction was needed as “I know he is a wonderful photographer”.

Aun Jafri said that Jafri was the voice of political workers. He said Prince Karim Aga Khan and Nawaz Sharif were the big personalities besides others who wanted his father’s personal services, but Jafri preferred journalism.

Aun showed some of the landmarks photographs taken by the late Jafri on important occasions.

Source: Dawn