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Photo exhibition on Moenjodaro opens

By: Peerzada Salman

KARACHI: A photographic exhibition by Prof Dr Michael Jansen of the historic archaeological site Moenjodaro opened at the Indus Valley School Gallery on Tuesday. The show is part of the ongoing German cultural weeks.

The large images of the famous archaeological site that adorn the gallery’s walls comprise pictures of the excavated parts as well as those grabs which indicate the kind of lives that the locals in the region lead. One of the most moving images is that of a fisherman. The viewer can see his boat in the background while somewhat bewildered children add colour to the whole scene. Not very far from it is a photograph of two men engaged in a malakhra fight.

Certain sets of pictures are accompanied by nearly a dozen captions. They begin with the title Moenjodaro and the Indus Civilisation, and follow it up with the rediscovery of the site, its forma urbis, its water splendour, and its complex simplicity. Then it moves on to the time when Moenjodaro was faced with the danger of a second death; then arrived the world help, after which came the treatment-to-sustainability phase, and then in 1980 it was declared a Unesco world heritage site. The exhibition will remain open till Oct 27.