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PFUJ condemns Isreal’s attack on relief ship

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists has condemned the attack by the Israeli forces on a ship carrying relief goods for Palestinians in which about 20 Pakistanis lost their lives.

The PFUJ stated that Israeli aggression had resulted in the death of a good number of Pakistanis and it speaks volumes about Israeli attitude towards Palestinians and Muslims.

It stated that the ship was reportedly carrying AAJ TV team, including its anchor Talat Hussain, and till now there are no reports about the safety of these journalists on board the ship.

The PFUJ demanded that Government of Pakistan should utilize all resources for tracing whereabouts of Pakistani journalists Talaat Hussain and Raza Mehmood and a social worker Mr. Nadeem who were on board the Flotilla bound for Gaza.

The PFUJ further noted that the killing of members of humanitarian mission, which also included women, is inhuman, brutal, and constitutes a flagrant violation of international rules, disciplines, charters and norms.

The PFUJ noted with concern that attack on the convoy carrying aid goods is an open attack on the civil society and this step on the part of Israeli government has exposed its true face of barbarism.

The flotilla was organized by pro-Palestinian groups and a Turkish human rights organization. Turkey had urged Israel to allow it safe passage and said the 10,000 tonnes of aid the convoy was carrying was humanitarian.

Despite this clear and open proof that people in the flotilla were known figures and going to deliver aid, Israeli forces attacked the convey which is highly condemnable.

It is painful for the journalists of Pakistan no contact has so far been established with Talat Hussain and Raza Mehmood who were on board one of the six ships carrying aid to blockaded Gaza, after Israel attacked the convoy killing at least 20 and wounding 50 others.

The convoy set off in international waters off Cyprus on Sunday in defiance of an Israeli-led blockade of Gaza.

It urged the world body, the UN, to take notice of Israeli aggression and the suffereings of Palestinians.

The world must act now and condemn the Isreali forces, it said, urging all the affiliated Unions of Journalists to condemn the Isreali desgins in the region and hold peaceful protests / meeting urged Isreal to respect international norms and do not attack relief teams.
Source: Business Recorder