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PFUJ calls for journalists’ safety measures from bird flu

KARACHI, April 27 2006: The Pakistan federal union of journalists (PFUJ) calls upon management of all the news papers and other media organizations to ensure proper safety and protection of the journalists, who are being assigned for the coverage of bird flu incidents, says in a press release issued by the PFUJ Secretary General, Mazhar Abbas.

At same time the PFUJ has urged all those reporters, photographers and cameramen who are being sent on such assignments, whether around the affected poultry farms or at the hospitals, to take extra-precautionary measures. The reason for this advisory is that journalists working in hazardous situations are as much exposed to the danger of contagious disease as are the residents of the area, or the doctors and paramedics assigned or deputed there.

Such extra precautionary measures have been necessitated, particularly in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and the adjoining areas, as causes of affected poultry farms are being discovered every other day. The PFUJ believes it is the responsibility of the news organization to ensure the safety of its staff, and in case any newspaper or other media group fails ton provide safety gear the journalists will be well within their right to refuse the assignment in a hazardous environment.

For the help of the management, editors and journalists the PFUJ is issuing the safety advisory, which is based on the steps taken by media groups and international organizations in all the countries affected by deadly Avian flu virus or H5NI.
Source: Daily Times