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People urged to respect media copyrights

ISLAMABAD, April 13,2005: Former information minister Javed Jabbar here on Tuesday said people should realize the importance of copyrights of media contents and reject purchase or use of pirated material.

He was delivering a lecture on “Citizens’ Media Rights and Responsibilities” at a roundtable discussion organized by the Citizens’ Media Commission with the collaboration of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung.

The discussion aimed at facilitating debate on the future challenges to be faced by media and the role of the civil society in ensuring free and accountable media. Mr Jabbar floated 11 proposals regarding the responsibilities of the civil society while trying to ensure free and accountable media.

He said people should monitor media ownership, especially the cross-media ownership, to prevent undue concentration of media power in the hands of the state and the corporate sector.

Mr Jabbar said people should not remain passive while consuming media contents. They must contribute to media contents and should actively support and demand pluralism in media, he said, adding that citizens should also help ensure that media continued to function freely as per the laws of the country.

People should operate citizens-driven/controlled media like the internet by giving primacy to the value of friendship and fraternity to help build peace, tolerance and harmony, he added.
Source: Dawn