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Pemra wants channel to be fined for inciting democratic govt removal

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ISLAMABAD: The Pemra Council of Complaints Saturday recommended a fine of Rs100 000 to ARY News on charges of incitement for dislodging the democratic setup.

Hearing a complaint lodged by Shanila Sikandar against the ARY News programme “Sawal Ye Hai” hosted by Dr Danish, the council in its 32nd meeting with Prof Shamim Humayun in the chair took a serious notice of the act of the host appealing for takeover and toppling the democratic setup, said a news release Saturday.

The council opined that the channel be fined Rs100,000 and issued a warning for the programme. The council also recommended Pemra to issue an advice to all satellite TV channels to refrain from using derogatory words against persons and the institutions.

In another complaint of Aviation Division against the same channel, the council directed that a warning be issued for maligning the government functionaries, including the Aviation Division and its attached departments, and for airing allegation without credible information and not affording a fair opportunity to defend the victims.

The council also directed the channel to air an apology and rebuttal in the same manner and magnitude during prime time within 15 days for airing false and incorrect information. In case of failure to comply with the directives, the council recommended that the authority should proceed against the channel as per law.

Hearing the complaint lodged by Dr Taimur Rahman, Assistant Professor Political Science LUMS, against programme titled “At Q with Ahmed Qureshi”, the council recommended issuance of a warning to Express News channel for airing content containing hatred against the complainant and leveling allegations without credible information and for not giving complainant a fair opportunity of self-defense while airing allegations against the victim and calling him directly or indirectly the enemy of Pakistan.

The council also recommended issuing advice to all satellite TV licensees to strictly refrain from calling a person anti-Pakistan, traitor, anti-Islam, Kafir, enemy of Pakistan or using racial and religious discriminatory words etc. against any citizen of the state.

However, the complaint of a lady against Samaa TV Channel for an attempt to scandalize her during live press conference of PTI leader Imran Khan dated January 15 2016 was disposed of since the complainant had withdrawn its complaint against the channel. Other members of the council, including Prof Dr Maqsood Jafri, Dr Shah Jahan Sayed and Amjad Ali Afridi (RGM Secretary CoCs Islamabad) were also present in the meeting.
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