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PEMRA to take action against derogatory programmes

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) in pursuance to the decision of the authority in its 75th meeting held on Tuesday at PEMRA Headquarters issued final notices to TV channels involved in airing derogatory, humiliating programmes purposely meant for character assassination of individuals and organisation in the guise of parody or satire. The authority also conclusively asked channels to stop excessive advertisements and foreign content being run beyond the permissible limit. As per law, TV channels cannot run more than 12 minutes of advertisement in an hour. Similarly, the proportion of foreign content cannot be beyond 10 percent of total broadcast in 24 hours. The authority earlier in October last year had also issued advice to all channels asking them to exercise prudence while airing satirical or comical programmes as these should not be targeting any specific individual or organisation. Adding insult to or disgrace someone is no way an act of joy but are highly condemnable being unethical and immoral. No law of the land even Islam and the freedom of expression and speech enshrined under the constitution of Pakistan permit such acts to defame, malign, slander or harm repute of others merely on the basis of personal likings or disliking. They are being given the last opportunity to stop violations otherwise their licences would be suspended followed by heavy fines.

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