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Pemra to invite applications for private channels

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ISLAMABAD- The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) will move shortly on the process of applications for private radio and TV channels and has already sought availability of airwaves frequencies for prospective broadcasters. “We will proceed concurrently on applications for allowing private radio and TV channels in a fair and transparent manner,” a Pemra official said.

Pemra chairman Mian Muhammad Javed has approached the Frequency Allocation Board of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority for availability of frequencies for the new broadcasters. According to officials, the electronic media authority will first invite applications through a properly advertised announcement in the national Press and then proceed on judging each application independently and impartially. “The body will work independently and will deal with all applications transparently,” the official asserted.

The Pemra, which comprises electronic media experts from the private sector, is on the verge of concluding an unequivocal criterion for the issuance of new channels. The regulatory body, that came into existence early this year following the promulgation of PEMRA Ordinance, will issue licences for private channels at international, national, regional, provincial and local levels.
Source: The News