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Pemra takes notice of airing of ‘abusive’ word used in press conference

Pakistan Press Foundation

ISLAMABAD: In an unexpected exercise of its powers, the Pakistan Elec­tronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) has taken notice of the airing of an ‘abusive’ word used by the ISPR director general during his live press conference on Wednesday evening.

The electronic media regulator issued on Thursday an advice to all news channels, asking them to install a time-delay mechanism at their production control rooms or master control rooms to avoid broadcast of such audio and visual material which viewers find offensive and also cause violation of Pemra laws.

“Pemra has been reminding all TV channels of it on a daily basis and such incidents could be avoided if the channels have such system in place and operation,” said a Pemra official.

The regulator’s advice said: “Last night, on Jan 20, 2016, again due to the non-installation of time-delay mechanism, all TV channels at around 9:05pm, let a word go on air during ISPR DG’s live press conference which was inappropriate and could have been avoided.”

Pemra asked all TV channels to install the time-delay mechanism as soon as possible and said it was determined to implement the law across the board without “fear or favour”.

“As a media stakeholder repeated appeals are being made to meet a legal and professional requirement in a cordial manner,” the advice said, adding: “Failure on part of the TV channels to adhere to law will compel Pemra to take further action.”


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