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Pemra and its absurd censorships

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On March 1, 2002, Pemra’s ordinance was established with the principal objectives of facilitating and regulating the private electronic mass-media industry and improving the standards of information, education, and entertainment. This means that Pemra has the power to either pass or censor any law or statement being aired in different electronic media.

Later on, due to the increasing day-to-day crimes, such as rising cases of rape, murder, and other blue-collar crimes, Pemra censored them to be aired on several electronic media. As a result, the public’s right to know and learn safety measures for the prevention of such crimes along with the laws implemented to stop the rate of crimes remained totally unknown to them. Probably, this is the leading cause of the increase in all crimes.

But does this censorship make sense at any point? No matter who, when, why, or where Pemra passes censorship, through alternative means, the public will surely reach the targeted information.

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Entirely, this witnesses the failure of Pemra, since gradually electronic media is going to lose its governance. And when it comes to the public as a supporter of Imran Khan, they will still remain in his favor even after the censorship of Imran Khan.

Overall, if Pemra continues its censorship, then one day or another, our whole administration will collapse.

Source:  The Nation