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Peace through social media

JOSEPH Kony is an outlaw and a war criminal. He runs an organisation called the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), which forces children to fight or become sex slaves in a war that does not have any agenda. He is wanted by the Ugandan government and now by the International Court of Justice.

It was a long fight by a group of determined individuals before an international warrant for him was issued.

The US-based group named Invisible Children ran a campaign using social media and public sessions and now the video Kony 2012 is a viral on YouTube.

These people worked hard enough to force the US government to send in its training crew to Uganda.

The power of the people and the use of the social media are something we can learn from this campaign.

Determination and courage that the Invisible Children team showed is something to admire and learn.

Just sitting back home and using Facebook, twitter or other social websites is not enough.

There has to be a purpose beyond chatting and updating status.

We must use social media to bring betterment to our society, since it is easier to convey ideas now than in yesteryear without the Internet. The world is just a click away.