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Parliamentary change acceptable

LAHORE: Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani has signalled his willingness to accept “any political change emerging from parliament” but voiced renewed fears over any “ non-political or undemocratic change” that could cause harm to the country.

The statement comes a day after the premier took the critics of his government to task and laid to rest speculation about his government.

Talking to senior columnists at his residence on Sunday, Gilani once again scotched rumours of any political change or mid-term elections in the country, assuring them that he had control over government affairs.

Gilani said if any parliamentarian intended to come forward and lead, he was prepared to sit on the sidelines. However, he reiterated the need for a democratic dispensation. “The PPP is following the politics of reconciliation and there is not a single political prisoner during its tenure, so far,” he pointed out.

The premier said he would be pleased if PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif sits in parliament to play his democratic role.

Speaking about the floods Gilani said he would not tolerate any hindrance in the way of rehabilitation of millions of flood survivors. The premier asked the detractors to show maturity as 20 million people were still shelter-less in the country.

He also said that some elements were conspiring to give a semblance of confrontation between the state organs. “All institutions are working in complete harmony,” he said.

Speaking about the performance of the government, the premier said that every decision had been taken in accordance with the aspirations of the people. He said that those circulating rumours of political uncertainty in the country were furthering someone else’s agenda.

Ruling out the possibility of a snap election, Gilani said, “How can those politicians call for mid-term elections when they were defeated in the by-elections?”, refering to PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif who said last week that there was a need for constitutional change in the country.
Source: Dawn