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Pakistan’s media personnel refused accommodation in New Delhi

ISLAMABAD- Several Pakistani journalists received a shock when some guest houses in New Delhi refused accommodation to them because of being Pakistanis, reports The Hindustan Times.

According to the journalists the managers of these guest houses refused accommodation to them saying that the police would harass them if they come to know. Among the group of pressmen was photo journalist Rahat Ali Dar, who is currently holding an exhibition of his photographs in the capital, staff correspondent of The News Lahore, Muhammad Akram and Executive Director of the Lahore-based Journalists, Resource Centre Mohammad Tanveer. They are visiting the country as members of a peace delegation from Pakistan.

The members went to a guest house in the Paharganj locality first, but were refused accommodation. “If the policemen came to know that Pakistanis are staying here, it would mean trouble for us, one of the employees told them. Journalist Akram said “We saw an official notice pasted outside about foreigners having to report to the police stations. But they were adamant.”

The group then hastened towards another hotel at Karol Bagh, which directed them to their branch at Paharganj. “Again, we received the sartie replies at Paharganj. We were simply asked to leave,” said Tanveer.

A couple of policemen then arrived on the scene and demanded that the group members show their passports. “The, policemen looked amused and merely told us that they had nothing to do with the refusal of accommodation,” said Dar.
Source: The News