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Pakistani media will stand by our Saudi brethren: journalists

Pakistan Press Foundation

LAHORE: Prominent media personalities in Pakistan have said that terrorist actions are deplorable wherever in the world they take place and that those who challenge the writ of the government are ‘the enemies of the country’.

The remarks were made at a seminar titled ‘The Security of the Harmainush Sharifain and the Role of Media’ which was held in Lahore on Sunday. A resolution passed at the end of the seminar said it was the religious duty of every Muslim to protect the Harmainush Sharifain – the two holiest sites in Islam.

Participants of the seminar said Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are like two bodies that share one soul, and that the country’s media must play its role in safeguarding the holy sites. “Pakistani media will stand by our Saudi brethren to protect the religious sites in the Kingdom,” the resolution stated.

The seminar was presided over by Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists President Rana Muhammad Azeem. Several well-known columnists, senior journalists and TV anchors gave speeches at the event.
Talking about the menace of terrorism plaguing Muslim countries, the speakers said anti-Islamic forces were creating chaos in Muslim nations under a calculated plan.

These, forces, they said, began by spreading terrorism in the name of religion in Pakistan and were now trying to create the same instability in other Muslim countries.

The speakers said some powers, who want to attack the Harmainush Sharifain, were trying to create unrest in Saudi Arabia. Such designs will not be tolerated, they resolved.

Muslims know how to defend their places of respect, they said, adding that Pakistani journalists will support Saudi Arabia on the media front. The speakers also said that a delegation of Pakistani journalists will meet Saudi authorities very soon to express their solidarity with the Kingdom. (TRANSLATION BY ARSHAD SHAHEEN)

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