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Pakistan united against aggression: Malik

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ISLAMABAD – PPP leader Senator Rehman Malik Tuesday launched his book “Modi’s War Doctrine” amid a galaxy of parliamentarians, intellectuals and journalists.

The book contains a comprehensive study of the Indian designs of escalation before every past Lok Sabha general election in India.

Speaking on the occasion, Senator Rehman Malik said Pakistan had given a clear message to India after the neghbour’s aggression that Pakistanis were united.

“We sent a message that our differences are only political. When it comes to the national interest, we are united. All the parties and the people stand behind the armed forces,” he said.

The PPP leader said Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was disappointed with the unity in Pakistan and he understood that fighting such a nation could be a suicide. He said Modi was the only Prime Minister who had affiliation with a terrorist group.

The former Interior Minister urged Secretary General of United Nations António Guterres and President UN Human Rights Commission Michelle Bachelet to take the cognizance of sheer violations of human rights and International Laws by Indian Forces in Indian Occupied Kashmir.

AJK President warns against ‘formula’ without Kashmiris consultation

Senator Rehman Malik strongly condemned the Indian Forces’ brutalities against unarmed Kashmiris.

He said that Indian Forces under Prime Minister Narendra Modi had crossed all limits of brutality by committing unprecedented atrocities against innocent Kashmiris in terms of mass murders, mass blinding, enforced disappearances, torture, rapes, political repression and suppression of freedom of speech.

Senator Malik said that Kashmir was the Pakistan’s jugular vein and the people of Pakistan always stand by the people of Kashmir in their legal struggle for freedom from illegal confinement of India.

He said that Indian government had increased the number of troops in Kashmir to the level of 700,000 plus, to kill and inflict violence to peace loving armless innocent Kashmiris.

He said that Indian forces were unleashing ethnic cleansing of Muslim majority in Kashmir; by mass murdering and settling the RSS trained families in Kashmir.

“They are being allotted lands and houses in Kashmir to reduce Muslims as minority there, which is the utter violation of the right of Kashmiri Muslims. RSS has already come up with a new strategy of five thousands Village Defense Committees in Occupied Kashmir,” he said. The lawmaker said his message to the nation was: “Let’s work for a  united Pakistan.”

In his address Azad Jammu and Kashmir President Sardar Masood Khan saidModi was promoting extremism in South Asia.  “The Indian PM is spearheading the extremists. He is a top terrorist. Modi’s doctrine will affect the whole region,” he warned.

President Khan said when India had only used secularism as a shield after the attempts to impose Hindu nationalism failed. “Sub-continent will be directly affected due to Modi’s doctrine. The Indian government has been pressing Muslims to become Hindus. They are also provoking the anti-Pakistan sentiments. Only Pakistan’s nuclear defence has stopped India’s aggression,” he maintained.

Pakistan, he said, had to stay alert and prepared. “Kashmiris have been braving atrocities for centuries. We have to prepare a strategy,” he added.

Khan said there should be ‘no formula’ without Kashmiris consultation to resolve the Kashmir issue.

Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) leader Senator Mushahid Hussain Syed said Modi was not unmoved about the Muslims killing when his was the Chief Minister of Gujrat.

Syed said the 1998 nuclear tests had become a deterrent against a full-fledged war. He said the United States had legitimised the aggression after supporting Israel on the Golan heights. “India’s aggression has a backing from the US actions,” he remarked.

Former Senate chairman Wasim Sajjad said Rehman Malik’s book was an important contribution to the Pak-India literature. “He has met the Indian leadership. He is an investigator who sees beyond words,” the PML-N leader said.

Modi, he said, came to power with a clear anti-Pakistan policy. “He wanted to paint Pakistan as a terrorist state. He is furthering the philosophy of RSS to make India a Hindu state. Modi cannot speak rationally on Pak-India tension. Kashmiris struggle will force Modi’s attitude,” he contended.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Senator Azam Swati said Modi was a terrorist. “He escalated tension resulting in bloodshed. Pulwama incident was engineered by Modi. He tried to manage the incident. Rehman Malik wrote the whole episode as an investigator,” he said. PML-N Senator Abdul Qayum, a former Lt. General, said Rehman Malik had exposed India through the book. “I think this book should be translated into other languages,” he said.

Director General of the South Asian Strategic Stability Institute Dr Maria Sultan said India had imposed wars on Pakistan since the partition. “Interestingly, they have always heightened tension close to the general elections,” she added. Other people also spoke on the occasion.

Rehman Malik’s book contains a comprehensive study of the Indian designs of escalation before every past Lok Sabha General Election in India.

In his book, Senator Malik has amply covered the history of events carried out by the India successive governments for aggravating the anti-Pakistan hatred amongst the Indian nation thus exploiting their nationalism. Author has exposed as to how the past governments in India got benefited out of the self-created issues against Pakistan. The book carries valuable knowledge about RSS and its involvement in the terrorist activities being carried out against the Muslims and other minorities in India.

It defines how RSS attracts the Hindu young generation towards Saffron Ideology and transforms the youngsters into the skilled terrorist by imparting them the Physical Training. The minds of young Hindus get polluted through the RSS extremist Hindu preaching and they get exploited towards the creation of “Hindu Rashtra”.

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