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Pakistan Television (PTV) world being made news Channel

ISLAMABAD- The government is likely to convert the PTV world into a 24-hour news and current affairs channel, shifting all entertainment programmes now being shown on this channel to the Channel-3, formerly known as STN.

The PTV world is on satellite, but STN is not which is likely to make the latter not so attractive, business-wise, for those operators who have already bought and paid for the broadcasting space on the former.

These operators, therefore, are likely to ask for reimbursement of their money or some kind of incentive in return for agreeing to shift their programmes to STN.

On the other hand the government is said to be contemplating to offer the broadcasting space on Channel-3 along with all the programmes shifted from PTV to only those applicants who have the facility and the means to immediately beam their programmes over satellite and through cable networks.

These additional requirements are expected to keep all those operators out of the reckoning from the trading process of the Channel-3 broadcasting slot who already own slot on PTV and PTV world and those operators who would get the slot on Channel-3 would also get all the programmes stated to be shifted from PTV World.

There are not many operators in the country that today has options for satellite transponders as well as manage cable TV networks. Many, however, run their own clandestine cable networks but have no satellite transponder facility for uplinking.

One organization, which is said to have both the facilities, is expected to be sitting in the front row with other seats vacant if the Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (EMRA) is set up in the next few weeks with March 23 as the date of launching of both the 24-hour news and current affairs channel (PTV World) and the Channel-3.

Sources, who keep a close watch on the domestic TV world, however, report of the intense activity going on within the media circles here and they expect at least about a couple of individual operators and consortia to be ready by the application date with both cable network as well satellite facility.

Here it should be made clear that in most of the big cities in the country clandestine cable TV systems have been flourishing for some times.

Source: Dawn