Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) to check violation of rules by cable operators -
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Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) to check violation of rules by cable operators

KARACHI- Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) is considering to formulate an effective system to check violation of the rules by the Cable Operators as complaints against the services of licensed cable operators are in on the rise in the city.

The cable operators continuously violate the regulations set by the Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) and do not provide a stable service, subscribers allege.

Inquires made by Consumer Protection Council revealed that out of the large number of complaints lodged with the PTA a major chunk constitutes those relating to the stability of channels.

The cable operators, under the agreement with the PTA, are bound to provide not less than 22 channels to their subscribers but they mess up the transmission of a number of channels. The subscriber, expect that channels would continue to be transmitted without any interruption.

The operators have to show all Pakistan Television (PTV) and religious programmes channels including recitation of Holy Quran. Furthermore, they are bound to provide uninterrupted transmission but since they lack requisite power backup the transmission goes off in case of electricity outage.

Besides, a number of cable operators are allegedly showing channels having immoral content but the PTA appears to be in a fix to check them because of the absence of requisite inspection system. The authority however, is actively considering formulating a more efficient system to check violations by the cable operators.

At present the PTA register cable operators under various categories on the basis of the number of subscribers. If a cable operator has up to 1,000 subscribers, he has to pay Rs 5,000 to the PTA against the issuance of license.

The PTA has so far issued license to 360 cable operators through out the province. However, there are a number of operators who sell lead system to smaller operators to mint money, as it benefits both the principal and the smaller operator.

Source: Business Recorder