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Pakistan Single Window (PSW) holds media dialogue for collaboration on cross-border trade facilitation

Pakistan Press Foundation

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Single Window (PSW) organized a media dialogue on “Developing an Enabling Media Network towards International Trade Facilitation”.

The dialogue provided a forum for the PSW team and media professionals to reflect on the media’s role in generating and promoting trade facilitation initiatives such as the PSW in collaboration with other public and private sector stakeholders forming the cross-border trade ecosystem.

The event was aimed at developing mutual understanding of the PSW, its organisational structure and role, as well as to benefit from the media experts’ advice on shaping the trade facilitation narrative in the public consciousness. In addition, the event helped forge and deepen the personal relationships and networks between PSW and the media.

Over 40 renowned media heads, journalists, anchors, and reporters participated in the event to understand, plan, and develop a partnership to raise awareness of the public services PSW provides.

CEO of PSW Syed Aftab Haider said: “It is important to promote the role of media and its ability to decode, communicate and create media content that highlights government initiatives for trade facilitation. PSW is one of the most transformative programmes to have come up in the public sector in the recent years. It not only aims to completely digitize Pakistan’s cross-border trade but is also triggering a deeper set of procedural and regulatory reforms in Customs and Other Government Agencies to reduce the time and cost of doing business and enhance Pakistan’s trade competitiveness”.

The dialogue provided the opportunity for media representatives to share their experiences on cross-border trade-related reporting and how collaboration between PSW and the media could highlight and project Pakistan’s positive contribution to the digitization of the international supply chain. Moreover, the participants also discussed ways of overcoming information asymmetry for better reporting and policy making. By making trade-related data accessible to all stakeholders, PSW aims to address that gap as well. The event also highlighted PSW’s efforts in reaching out to as many stakeholders as possible through digital and electronic media to help transition them to the new systems and concepts.

During the event the participants were given an overview of the Trade Information Portal of Pakistan (TIPP) where 530 laws, regulations, procedures, and other trade-related measures from over 77 government agencies have been completely digitized and can now be accessed online. Businesses can also access and download licenses, permits, certificates, and other documents from the portal and get complete information on applicable fees, processing times, and step-by-step procedures.

The portal also provides guidance to overseas Pakistanis and foreign investors on various trade-related rules and regulations.

PSW is an initiative of Pakistan’s federal government with a focus on transforming the trade and industry ecosystem. PSW offers an encouraging climate of inclusion and ease of doing business being an online portal. The system aims to facilitate SMEs and women-led businesses for joining the international supply chain. The Pakistan Single Window is a step closer to a more digital Pakistan that will help the country achieve faster, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth.

Source: Business Recorder

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