PPF urges Turkish President to release Syrian journalist -
Pakistan Press Foundation

Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF) urges Turkish President immediately release Syrian journalist Rami Jarrah, allow him to work in Turkey

Pakistan Press Foundation

Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF) in a letter to President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan urged immediate release of Syrian journalist Rami Jarrah and allow him to work in Turkey without fear of obstruction.

PPF Secretary General Owais Aslam Ali in letter to President Erdogan urged Turkish government to ensure that Syrian journalists like Jarrah, who have turned to Turkey for safe refuge, should be protected rather than subjected to detention and harassment.
According to Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) he was detained by immigration officials on 17 February 2016 after trying to apply for a residency permit in Turkish border city of Gaziantep.

A journalist familiar with the case told CPJ reasons for Jarrah’s detention are unclear. He was questioned about his work in media. He fled Syria with his wife and child in year 2011, fearing his role in reporting on the conflict for international outlets had put him in danger.

Jarrah, known for independent reporting on war in Syria for years at great risk was briefly held in a detention facility for foreign citizens and later moved to a different facility.