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Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF) In Collaboration with NED Report of Workshop with Journalists and CSOs on “Current Political Scenario and the role of Media”

June 21-23-2012

Media has the capacity to promote role models and genuine leaders of the country as to strengthen democracy and government institutions. Media, both print and electronic have been highlighting the major developments of the government and the problems of the common folks as well.

This was observed by the participants of 3-day workshop on “Current Political Scenario and the role of Media” organized by Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF) from June 21-23, 2012 at Layyah district of Punjab. The workshop was participated by 8 females among 24 representatives of Media and Civil Society Organizations.

They said media had been supporting the less powered people but sometimes it exaggerate non issues which causes defame to the country and the attention of the government as well remains scattered. Media should give priority to basic problems of people like education, health, potable water, un-employment and poverty.

Participants and speakers said that CSOs, with the support of Media can make huge difference in the society; therefore media and NGOs should work in collaboration for sustainable development in the country.

They said political parties should follow and implement their manifestoes after coming into power and they should bring end to the politics of inheritance. Such approach has led to the politics and governance of some selected families. Media should not always criticize politicians but it should promote their achievements as well.

Participants criticized that some media houses and anchors were engaged in undue criticism on particular party and groups which was against the ethics of media and they have become party against them.

Participants said media should play more active role to facilitate people for justice and to promote religious harmony in the society.

Mr. Abdul Majeed Bhutta, district President of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and Dr. Javed Iqbal of Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf (PTI) while addressing panel discussions said that poorer political system was better than best dictatorship; therefore let political system in Pakistan to be strengthened and then ultimately people would get benefits of the system.

Both said that media, NGOs and Political Parties should stand together to resolve the issues being faced by the people of Pakistan.

On the other hand Group activities were carried during three day workshop on “Current Political Scenario and the role of print media, TV channels and Radio; while participants submitted suggestions on how media, political parties and CSOs can play more effective role in current political scenario.

Deputy Commissioner Layyah Mr. Malik Muhammad Asim was the chief guest of the concluding ceremony. He appreciated the role of Media and PPF. Later He awarded certificates among participants.

Report by:
PPF Training Section

Participants List:
Name of Participant Affiliation/ Org

Ms. Aliya Rasheed Nawa-e-Thal
Mohammad Ramazan Bhatti Pilot welfare society
Mohammad Safdar Bhatti Ravi international Newspaper
Mohammad Naseem Qadri Rabta welfare Organization
Mohammad Rehan Khan IDSP
Mrs.Tasneem Shahid IDSP
Mohammad Faheem Weekly Thal Guzat
Ashafq Ahmad IDSP
Ms. Muntaha Uroj Danish Foundation
Ms. Javeria Ashafq SAP-Pk
Ms. Shabana Ghazal Bismillah Organization
Ms. Sadia Khan Youth Organization
Ms. Farzana Sultan Solo FM 89 Layyah
Mohammad Abdul Rab Punjab TV
Ms. Sadaf Raza Solo FM 89 Layyah
Syed Iftikhar Mehdi Shah Global Peace Pioneer
Waheed Arshad Danish Foundation
Mohammad Yameen Mughal Daily Khabrain
Faridullah Chaudhary Dawn media Group
Jam Mohammad Ashraf Daily Maarka Layyah /Pakistan
Mehar Mehmood Azhar Almehmood Welfare Organization
Syed Nyaz Ahmad shah Gillani SPDF
Mohammad Arif Lodhi Roshani Welfare Sociaty

PPF Facilitator: Asifa Gohar
Focal Person: Saifullah Hussaini