Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF) In Collaboration with NED Report of Workshop with Journalists and CSOs on “Current Political Scenario and the role of Media” | Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF)

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Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF) In Collaboration with NED Report of Workshop with Journalists and CSOs on “Current Political Scenario and the role of Media”

June 23-25-2012


Media has been playing its pro active role in highlighting public interest issues and it has increased transparency in the country by exposing different kind of corruption in the various institutions from top to bottom.

This was observed by the participants and speakers of a 3-day workshop titled “Current Political Scenario and the role of Media” organized by Pakistan Press Foundation from June 23-25-2012 at Abbotabad Press Club. The workshop was attended by three females among 26 representatives of print and electronic Media and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs).

They said that the judicial activism and its independence were due to continued support of Media and media had ably highlighted the violations of Human Rights as well and it has exposed the high handedness of state and non state actors as well.

There was vibrant media in Pakistan due to the sacrifices of Journalists and even after the killings of many media persons, journalists were not ready to surrender before the perpetrators. They have been bravely reporting in horrible conditions.

Participants said that there were some black sheep in Media as well but it doesn’t mean that all Journalists were involved in corruption or bad practices and credit goes to social media that had exposed some non professional anchors. They said that working journalist had always contributed for truth and had been writing and speaking the truth but some anchors were involved in corruption as their back ground was not from journalism.

The demanded that Justice should be done across the board but here in Pakistan the impression had been emerging that one party or selected group of people were being targeted. They questioned that why May 12, 2007 (Karachi carnage) April 12 (Abbotabad killings), Missing persons case, pending cases against PML-N leadership, Asghar Khan case, Target Killings in Karachi and Journalist Saleem Shahzad cases were not given priority. There were hundreds of thousands cases pending in lower courts as well.
Some of the participants observed that rental power case was taken up by some media channels during PM election but they did not touch another PM candidate who was allegedly involved in wheat scandal. Media should avoid of being partial.

Chief Guest of concluding ceremony Ms. Naeema Nisar, PPF member of provincial assembly (MPA) Khyber Pakhtunkhwah said PPP believed in independent press and would urge some sections of media to promote responsible journalism. She said perpetrators of attacking journalist should be punished.

Advocate Qazi Arshad of Jamat-e-Islami said ZA Bhutto did one thing great and long lasting that was awareness among masses and again now media had done the same by creating awareness among common citizens. He alleged that secret agencies were behind the killings of many Journalists because they did not surrender before them and they spoke and wrote truth and were murdered. He further added that a not a single case of a Journalist was properly prosecuted and punishment was awarded to any perpetrator.

Sher Bahadur of Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf, said media had played commendable role by exposing corruption of corrupt rulers and media was the last ray of hope to save the country. He said media and Judiciary would lead Pakistan to the development and prosperity. Media has proved that it was the fourth pillar of the State.

PPP, MPA Ms. Naeema Nisar awarded certificates among participants. Lala Hassan briefed chief guest about the functioning of PPF and its core major objectives.

Group activities were carried during three day workshop on “Current Political Scenario and the role of print media, TV channels and Radio; while participants submitted suggestions on how media, political parties and CSOs can play more effective role in current political scenario.

Lala Hassan, PPF