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Pakistan Broadcasters Association established

KARACHI, September 24 2005: Broadcasters in Pakistan on Friday September 23 announced the establishment of the Pakistan Broadcasters Association, a representative body comprising both television and radio broadcasters in Pakistan, at a meeting in Karachi.

Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman of GEO TV was elected the chairman of the Association.An ad hoc committee, headed by Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman, was formed to select five members who will formulate rules and regulations of the Association.

The broadcasters said that this move to establish an umbrella body was being taken due to the growing number of FM radio and satellite television broadcasters in the private sector during the last few years which was an indication of the fact that in the near future this sector shall further grow rapidly in Pakistan.

In his remarks, the founder and chairman of the Association, Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman of GEO TV, said that this sharp increase in number of broadcasters makes it necessary to foster joint efforts so as to collectively frame a code of conduct as being followed by the world, of which Pakistan is also a part. He added that this is necessary, “so that the responsibility entrusted on us could be conveyed to the general public for building a decent, progressive and balanced society.”

Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman said that the electronic media in Pakistan is passing through a very critical phase. “While we are worried about the situation, at the same time we are hopeful and have great expectations that the problems of the broadcasters will be solved.”

He added, “We extend thanks to President Pervez Musharaf’s government under whose guidance, Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz, Information Minister Sheikh Rasheed, Secretary Information Shahid Rafi and the new Chairman PEMRA. Iftikhar Rasheed, have taken some positive steps for the improvement of broadcast media. Yet there are many issues which remain unresolved and need to be addressed immediately. In a modern society, such issues are resolved with the initiative and drive of the concerned community.”

Those assembled, who included all the major names of broadcasting in Pakistan, were told that the Association would also try to resolve the problems and disputes of the industry with mutual understanding, unity, and consensus not only among broadcasters but also with other concerned authorities so that a cordial business relationship could be created.

The chairman also said that broadcasters would collectively deal with various problems arising from governmental regulations, pressure groups and also frame rules/regulations for conduct of business with advertising agencies/media buying houses, production houses, clients and professionals related to broadcasting media and to develop guidelines for their accreditation with the Association.

“We shall take up the matter with the government for declaring broadcast media as an industry. This august body shall work with the spirit that where one’s responsibility and freedom ends, others’ begin. We shall do our best to convey the message through our programmes to all segments of our society –the meaning of the creation of Pakistan,” said Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman.

Some of the salient features of the Association include making rules for accreditation and conduct of business with advertising agencies and production houses.

The PBA will also provide a clearance house facility for recovery of dues of its members from the government and advertising agencies/advertisers.

It also plans to originate and promote improvements or oppose alterations in the PEMRA rules and regulations and other laws, which cause hindrances in the development and promotion of the broadcast media sector.

The founders also vowed to seek concession in duties and taxes from the government for development of the electronic media sector and to protect PBA members in every lawful and proper manner from any infringement upon their constitutional and legal rights and liberties.

The PBA will also promote understanding and intricacies of intellectual property rights such as illegal channels and advertisements being shown by cable operators and others and to combat piracy in all forms, including infringement of copyrights.

The Association also plans to make rules for conduct of business with programme producers, artists and others related to the broadcast media and to hold, arrange and organize national and international seminars, shows, different training programs/sessions and workshops for the members.

The founders also said that they hope to exchange professional knowledge among members and to keep members abreast of latest technological changes and development in the national and international broadcast media industry.

Other plans include publishing a directory of broadcasters and related activities, to organize distribution of national awards and to provide a platform for interaction with foreign broadcasters.

Those who attended the inaugural meeting included Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman of GEO TV, Ghazanfar Ali of Indus TV, A. Rauf of ARY, A. Jabbar of ATV, Aslam Kazi of KTN, Ahmed Zubairi and Asif Zubairi of Aaj TV, Imran Mehboob of Hum TV, Dr Karim of Sindh TV, Arshad Anis of AVT Khyber, Agha Nasir of FM101, Arshad Khan of PTV, Mohsin Naqvi of CNN, Abid Shaikh of Filmazia, Muhammad Asim of Business Plus, Zaheer Khan of FM91 and TV1, Meimoona Siddiqi, Muhammad Zaki, Shahid Javed, Mehdi Raza of FM107, Waseem Ahmed of FM99, Afaq Haider of FM105, Syed Sajjad H. Shah of APNA TV, Akbar Bhutto of FM91, FM92 and FM93 and Dr Rafat of FM96.
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