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Pakistan a difficult country for journalists

KARACHI: The 11th Annual Daniel Pearl World Music Day, hosted by the US Consulate General here, was celebrated with a message of harmony for humanity. A large number of audience especially young students gathered at the residence of US Consul General Michael Dodman here on Saturday night and enjoyed Pakistani musicians Noori and Arieb Azhar, who shared their visions of peace through music under this year’s theme of ‘harmony for humanity’.

The two groups of musicians, who recently returned from the US after showing Pakistani culture through music, enthralled the audience through their songs especially ‘Sindhi Dhamal of Qalandar’, which depict a message of peace and harmony.

Musician Arieb sang a song ‘I have no country – this whole world is my country, I have no name – I am the only human’ of Sindhi poet Shaikh Ayaz, which also expressed significance of peace in the world. Ten years’ ago, Wall Street Journal South Asia Bureau Chief Daniel Pearl was kidnapped and killed in Karachi while pursuing a story.

Before the concert, the US Consul General Michael Dodman while talking to the media said that Daniel Pearl was a journalist and musician, so every year, through organising such concerts we are spreading his message of tolerance, peace and love. Pearl was also a gifted musician who believed that music had the power to build bridges and spread a message of peace. Remembering Daniel Pearl through celebrating World Music Day is meant to stand up for tolerance through words and music.

The US CG stated, “This evening, we stand together with one voice and call for tolerance, peace and non-violence-values that Daniel Pearl held dear. We also honour journalists all over the world, especially in Pakistan, who have given their lives while pursuing the truth, often in perilous circumstances.”

Declaring the Pakistan a difficult country for the journalists, he remembered the three Pakistani journalists who were killed within last month. “The free press is central to any democratic society and we are proud to stand together in tribute of the role of journalists in our societies and to remember those who have made ultimate sacrifice in its pursuit.”

He told the audience that the musical concert was a celebration of Daniel Pearl’s life and his love for music and universal peace, adding that the music is a universal language understood by everyone on earth as Daniel himself was a musician. The US Consulate also congratulated the winners of its Facebook photo contest.

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