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On Twitter: Zaid Ali’s recent tweet burns social media all over!

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Something that is topping the news these days is Zaid Ali’s and Reham Khan’s grappling over Social media.

It all started when Zaid Ali who is Pakistani-Canadian comedian took it to Twitter and posted that he wishes to never wake up next to a woman like Reham Khan. To which, Reham had a very legit reply and steamed up the issue further. In a tweet that said, “My sincere dua is that you never have to live with a drug abuser & a cheat. I did & covered up until I found out he was cheating those who had voted him. Pakistan comes first.”

Zaid Ali never rested back and tweeted in her reply saying, “You claim that Imran Khan takes drugs.But it seems like un drugs ka asar ap pe ho Raha hai.”

But this time Zaid Ali raised a profound question. He asked on how Reham Khan can write an entire book putting up serious allegations on expected Prime Minister of Pakistan while he cannot even tweet about the fuss.

He also mentioned about the female card that often drags away the attention from the core issue being discussed.

Summing it all, this fight is not getting over any soon however has been taking twists and turns every day, giving a new shape to the argument!

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