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Of rights and hope

By: Atif Khan

As we look around the world and see people observing the Human Rights Day, a day to affirm those inalienable rights stipulated in the UN Declaration of Human Rights such as the right to life, liberty and security, our urge to lose all hope is but very human. The frequent alienation of several citizens of Pakistan from these very rights is evident in the targeted killings of Shias, destruction of Hindus’ temples, desecration of graves in the Ahmadiyya community’s graveyards, throwing acid on women, torture of journalists, widespread illiteracy and child labour, just to name a few maladies routinely heard of.

If we succeed in at least instilling the spirit of acquiring education in our coming generations and creating equal educational opportunities for all, it will only be a matter of time before people begin to realise the value of the rights they own and the significance of who deserves to be elected…and, more often than not, it will be the one who at least provides hope that all these long-lost inherent rights will be restored.

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