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NYC-based band intends for peace through cultural exchange

* ‘Peace ambassadors’ to bridge gaps prevailing between both the countries

By Asad Farooq

KARACHI: ‘Blood Moon Therapy’, an emerging name among rock n’ roll bands in the New York City (NYC), US, recently visited the metropolis to spread the message of peace and harmony, on the invitation of the US consulate in Karachi, at the time when both the countries were engaged in a deadlock, after Salala check post mishap.

Daily Times interviewed all the four members of the band at the Avari Hotel, where they stayed.

Lead singer and front man of the band Michel Lambardi, who is also an actor, said on the occasion that he and his fellows were visiting Pakistan as ‘peace ambassadors’ to bridge some gaps prevailing between both the countries.

To a question about his perception about Pakistan, he said that the media portrayed a distorted image of Pakistan, so he came to Pakistan with some fears in his hearts, but now to him, Pakistan is a wonderful place. He further said that he had always wanted to keep his mind open, so he was excited when got the opportunity to perform in Pakistan.

Talking about his band, he said that all the members of the band were mature musicians; their band was also a well-known band in the US. When asked about his experience about working with the Eastern music, he said that during the visit he first ever experimented to fuse the Western classical music with Eastern classic, said adding that he remained astonished when came to know that ‘Rock n’ Roll also works with Eastern folk music”.

Talking about his philosophy of life he said, “I am an artist, I believe that all human beings have almost similar desires including of being loved and respected, harmony and truth. Life is such a difficult journey and during this one should love his doings.”

To a question, he said that he talked about the human beings, their sacrifices and portrayed everything in their songs about which they learnt from their surroundings.

He said that indeed he didn’t know much about the relations between the two countries, when asked a question in this regard.

Shawn, who plays base, said on the occasion that though through media he had come to know that Pakistan was a dangerous place, where people loathed the US, but now he was welcomed in Pakistan, more than everywhere around the world. He said that he was a musician since the age of 14, and now music was his job, passion and life, he added.

He further said, “I found Pakistani people very nice, they were different from what they were portrayed as in media.”

Neil Parpkh, the guitarist of the band, said that to visit Pakistan was a great experience for him. He said that though they remained at the hotel most of their time.

To a question, he said that people were same across the world, with similar needs, requirements and desires, the only differences were of culture, manners and food.

Chris, having very innocent looks, plays drum. He said that it was his first visit abroad. He said that to him, besides performing, it was an opportunity for him to learn about the Eastern culture and music.

He said that the experiment of fusion rock n’ roll with local folk music was incredible and awesome. He said that the singing pattern was same; however, the change came in music.

Nickolus Bacon said that he was very excited about the experiment with local folk music. To a question, he said that they practiced lately in collaboration with a local folk singer, who sang a song of a shepherd, who was explaining the qualities of his dog and sheep. He thanked Pakistani people and said that in his personal capacity, he brought back a positive message and would try to bring people together and closer. On the occasion, Bushra Fazli of Avari Towers was also present.

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