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Nutrition deficiency in women

LARKANA – The speakers at a seminar on “Reproductive Health” arranged by PAVHNA, said that 50 percent of diseases in women are the cause of nutrition deficiency and 550 women out of one lakh die during delivery and thus after every 20 minutes mother breathes her last during child birth in Pakistan. They said that unless the productive system of a healthy mother works better she would not give birth to a healthy child.

Project Director PAVHNA Karachi Dr. Abdul Qayyom said that PAVHNA organization was active in three provinces of the country. At least 2.5 million people are being benefited from the active role of PAVHNA. Dr. Alliya Mian of Green Star Social Marketing Karachi under lined the involvement of community in well being of people. Iftikhar Soomro said that breast feeding provides babies nutritious diet and save them from diseases. Dr. Bandah Ali Bugti spoke about creating awareness among youth to adopt family planning methods. Professor Jam Jamali, Lala Muhammad Moqbool Abbasi,Mukesh Khatwani, Wali’ Mashoori and Lal Bux Soomro also spoke on the occasion.
Source: The Nation