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NPT demands permanent ban on profane websites

LAHORE – Advisory Council of Nazria Pakistan Trust (NPT) through a resolution has demanded of the government a complete and permanent ban on the internet websites showing sacrilegious and blasphemous material and also punishment to those involved in target killing of teachers in Balochistan.

The meeting of the council presided over by Chairman Nazria Pakistan Trust Majid Nizami also condemned the Israeli attack on the aid flotilla and saluted the courage of Pakistani journalist Tallat Hussain and others aboard the same and also denounced the Zionist economic blockade of the Palestinians in Gaza.

Another resolution condemned the terrorist attacks, particularly taking place in Lahore, and called upon the government to adopt every measure to curb this menace. A resolution expressed gratitude to Majid Nizami for shouldering the cause of the workers of Pakistan Movement and for giving coverage to the activity of the NPT and Tehrik-e-Pakistan Workers Trust and their promotion.
A resolution was carried to condemn the statement of Syeda Abida Hussain wherein she had supported drone attacks in Southern Punjab drawing a parallel between Punjab and tribal areas. The meeting looked at the statement with concern in the background that a few days back United Nations had condemned drone attacks on Pakistani soil terming it a licence to kill while a Pakistan leader by giving supportive statement for drone attacks has badly hurt sentiments of the Pakistani nation.

The meeting denounced the bid to destroy the educational system of the country on the behest of some malicious elements who are out to ruin the future of the youth of the country by that means.
The Council strongly condemned the target-killing of teachers in Balochistan and demanded of the government to take stern measures to check this practice and duly punish the culprits. It also demanded unveiling the foreign hand if that was involved in creating disturbance in Balochistan and killing of the teachers. A resolution lamented the plight of Kashmiri Muslims in Held Kashmir on account of atrocities of the India forces on them and called upon the government not to leave any stone unturned to get a just solution to the Kashmir problem. Another resolution expressed serious concern at the Indian water aggression and called upon the govt to take immediate stock of the situation, and check India from constructing dams on water of Pakistan understanding that Pakistan could turn into Somalia and Ethiopia if India was not stopped from going ahead with dams’ construction.
Source: The Nation