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Noted lyricist Khawaja Pervaiz is dead

LAHORE: Film lyricist Khawaja Pervaiz passed away on Monday. He was 81.

Pervaiz was admitted to Mayo Hospital 10 days ago with extremely low blood sugar levels. On Monday he suffered a heart attack that turned out to be fatal.

Khawaja Pervaiz married twice. He is survived by six sons and five daughters.

Khawaja Ghulam Muhayyudin, popularly known as Khawaja Pervaiz, was regarded as an extraordinary lyricist in the film industry. He wrote hundreds of memorable songs for Punjabi and Urdu films.

Pervaiz was born in Amritsar, India, in 1930. After partition his family migrated to Pakistan and settled down in Lahore. He graduated from Dayal Singh College in 1954.

At Dayal Singh College film director Wali’s son Zafar Iqbal was also a student in those days. Pervaiz and Iqbal became friends. It was through Iqbal that he got introduced to Wali, who later recruited him as an assistant.

Khawaja Pervaiz worked as assistant director in Wali’s films, Gudda Guddi, Lukan Miti and Sohni Khumharan. Later he got associated with Shabab Kairanvi films.

As a lyricist his first film was Rewaj, which was directed by Diljit Mirza. The film is remembered for the number penned by Pervaiz, Kehta Hai Zamana Tumhain Dil Na Lagana, sung by Mala.

Among Khawaja Pervaiz’s contemporaries were Hazeen Qadri, Tanveer Naqvi, Tasleem Fazli, Saleem Kahir and Qateel Shafai. Among his early films as lyricist were Mundri, Yar Baili and Shera.

Although Pervaiz directed as well as wrote dialogue for movies, he established his name as a lyricist. He has a large number of popular songs to his credit. He penned all the songs of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s first audio album, which included Kisay Da Yar Na Wichray, Sanu Ik Pal Chain Na Away. Mera Long Gawacha, the song that shot Musarrat Nazir to the heights of fame, was also written by Pervaiz.

Other hits to his credit included Sun Way Balori Akh Walaya, Sonay Di Taveetri and Mahi Away Ga Mein Phulaan Nal Dharti Sajwana Gi.

EVOCATIVE SONGS: His name evokes the 1960s and 70s as he wrote some defining Urdu songs of the period, eg Tumhi ho Mehboob Meray, Dil-i-Veeran Hai, Piyar Bharay Do Sharmeelay Nain, Jab Koie Piyar Say Bulaye Ga, Sun Lay Aye Jan-i-Wafa and Teray Bina Yun Gharian Beeteen.

Madam Noor Jahan gave her voice to a large number of songs penned by Khawaja Pervaiz.

Mehdi Hassan, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Saira Naseem were among the prominent artists who sang songs written by Khawaja Pervaiz.
Source: Dawn