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Note for the media

Sir: It is said that when you choose an action, you choose all its consequences, both intended and unintended. It seems that a sizable chunk of our mass media chose to continue their policy of bashing the government well into the floods. This resulted in spreading a constant pessimism and has led to a dangerous slowing down of aid effort, both at home and among expatriates abroad, whose main source of news were channels embroiled in a virtual personal war with the government. The media needs to shape its reports and analysis to maximise sympathy for flood victims, as foreign channels like the BBC do. If they do not consider the government to be trustworthy, they should give audiences clear-cut directions on where else they can donate. They can also campaign for multi-nationals and other big businesses to donate, as indeed some sections of the media are doing. I request the Pakistani media to now focus all its energies into helping the state resolve this crisis. After all, if we fail to do so, the consequences will be suffered by the entire nation, and that includes the media personnel too.
Source: Daily Times