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No-trust motion against Larkana Naib Nazim passed

LARKANA, July 09 2006: The marriage of convenience between the PML-led Khushhal Pakistan Panel (KPP) and the Sindh National Front (SNF) ended after the district Naib Nazim was brought down in a no-confidence vote here on July 08. The motion, which was moved by KPP district council member Bashir Ahmed Shaikh, easily passed in a 34-0 vote against the SNF-backed Naib Nazim and district council convener, Munawar Abro, in a session of the council.

Thirty-four votes were cast in support of the no-confidence motion while two votes were rejected on the grounds that the ballot papers had not been stamped by the presiding officer of the district council, Badar Shaikh, who presided over the session. Four Sindh National Front (SNF) members abstained from voting. They asked why the motion was being moved and put to the vote when the Naib Nazim was on leave and could not defend himself against the allegations leveled against him.

In response to their objection, the presiding officer quoted the secretary of the local government as saying that he did not approve the leave of the Naib Naizm. He said Abro is on leave without approval from the competent authority, which is not acceptable. The presiding officer announced polling through secret belt. None of the members of the PPPP-backed Awam Dost Panel attended the session. The no-confidence motion was passed only eight months after the formation of the district government. The SNF led by Mumtaza Ali Bhutto and the PML were part of the coalition government. The SNF has only four members in the House and the PML led by Altaf Hussain Unnar in the district has 34 members.

Differences appeared between the two parties some time back and resulted in the passing of the non-confidence motion on July 08. Later, addressing a press conference at the residence of SNC chief Mumatz Ali Bhutto, said that in the House of 63 only 32 votes went against him, which was not a defeat. He said he would consult his lawyers and go to court to take up this matter. Abro said he was vacating his office and announced that he would fight the next local election against Altaf Hussain Unnar in Bakrani and Dokri.
Source: The News