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Newsmen flay blast at Nawa-i-Waqt office

PESHAWAR- Expressing grave concern over recent bomb explosion at the daily Nawa-i-Waqt office in Karachi, the journalist community from Peshawar staged a protest demonstration in front of the Governor House.

The protest demonstration was arranged by Peshawar Press Club (PPC) and it was also attended by stalwarts and members of Khyber Union of Journalists, as well as representatives of other trade unions both from the government, semi-government and autonomous bodies. The journalists as well as representatives of other trade unions Dissembled in the premises of Peshawar Press Club from where they proceeded in a procession towards the Governor House.

The protesters were carrying banners and placards in their hands and were chanting slogans, denouncing terrorism and subversive activities on one hand and on the other they expressed grave concern over failure of the Government functionaries. They through slogans also reaffirmed of striving for Press freedom and made it clear that no one could deprive them of such a right.

On arrival in front of the Governor House, the protesters were addressed by PPC president Sohail Qalandar, Vice president Sultan Siddqui and others included Sahibzada Sohail, Sharif Mohmand, Mohammad Fida, Nasar Mohmand and Shamim Shahid. Before dispersing the PPC president Sohail Qalandar handed over a memorandum to the officer concerned and urged the Government to arrest the culprits responsible in Karachi blast and ensure protection to Press and journalists throughout the country.

The speakers in their brief speeches expressed grave concern over the tragic bomb explosion, which resulted in the loss to precious human lives, beside other property damages. They viewed such an explosion as the failure of the Government agencies and considered it a threat for Press freedom.

It is surprising that despite apprehensions of daily’s concerned management, the Government functionaries failed to fulfil their responsibilities. They urged the Government to confess its failure as without protecting lives and properties of the citizens, it has no right to remain in power.

One of the journalists remarked that Karachi blast is not the first or the last terrorist act, but before it offices of daily Dawn was also attacked. He added that all such acts seem to be a well-engineered conspiracy just for curbing Press freedom and urged the human rights organisations to take notice of this. He made it clear that journalists were determined to go to any extend for ensuring Press freedom.

Source: The Nation