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Newsman hold protest rally

CHOA SYEDAN SHAH, April 17 2006: Local journalists held a rally here on April 16 to protest the registration of criminal cases against two local reporters. They condemned the police move and termed it a bid to gag the press and stop reporters from fulfilling their professional duties. The rally was organised by the Divisional Union of Journalists (DUJ).

The two reporters had field a story about a fire that broke out in a building during the anti-encroachment operation by the tehsil Municipal administration on March 4. The Kohistan mines workers federation Punjab, All Pakistan Federation of Labour and Choha Syedan Shah Bar Association also expressed their solidarity with the newsmen.

They urged the high-ups of federal and provincial government as well as the chief justice of Pakistan to former president, Mirza Mahmud Jhelumi, Babar Saleem vice —president, Advocate Sibtul Hassan, Saeed Khattak chief organizer Kohistan Mines Workers Federation, Punjab and others condemned the implication of newsmen in the criminal cases and sought their immediate withdrawal. The journalists also announced to hold a peaceful rally in front of the parliament house if the issue was not resolved.
Source: Dawn