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New Pashto channel

PESHAWAR, May 15, 2005:Renowned artist Jamal Shah has formally announced that he is launching a Pashto-language television channel. The announcement was made at a fund-raising function organised on May 13 by the All-Pakistan Women’s Association for the inmates of Darul Aman in Peshawar. Jamal Shah said that the condition of 70 per cent of the people in the country was similar to that of Darul Aman’s inmates. People are forced to commit sucide in desperation, he said.

He said it would be futile to expect any government to alleviate the condition of the masses or reduce their miseries in any way. He called for a united struggle to improve the lot of the people. “We must join hands and work for a bright future and also give hope to the oppressed people,” he said.

He made a special mention of the masses, particularly those of the Pukhtun ancestry, who, he claimed, were far behind the mainstream and therefore needed to be put on the right track leading to progress and prosperity.

“I am going to launch a Pashto channel, which will serve as a platform not only for Pakhtuns but for all segments of the society,” Mr Shah added.
Source: Dawn