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NetSol to invest $8m on expanding business in Pakistan

KARACHI- NetSol Connect, a subsidiary of NetSol International, building the largest IP (Internet Protocol) backbone provider of ISP services in Pakistan has planned to invest about US$8 million in the next six months for expanding its Internet business in Pakistan.

This was stated by NetSol Connects chief executive officer, (CEO), Amer Saleem in an interview.

Amer Saleem while spelling out his company’s future plans said that NetSol would invest about $8 million for expanding its Internet business at Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar. He said his company has so far invested about a quarter of a million dollars for the establishment of its office at Karachi. He said the company having latest equipment for efficient running of Internet business, also planned to focus on the improvement of telecommunication systems with the close co-operation of the Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL).

Saleem said that company besides providing Internet services to its customers in the country, is also actively engaged in providing software applications to leasing companies and talks are in progress with a number of banks for providing e-banking services to them. He said one of the major hindrances to the financial sector in Pakistan is the availability of a well-connected network, which focuses on reliability, security, speed, backed by professions with technical and business logic to serve and handle mission critical applications and services.

He said his company was also focusing on improving the level of education, particularly in the Information Technology (IT) sector and added that NetSol has also set up a campus at Lahore which provides IT training to about 2000 students.

“NetSol has not come to Pakistan to just do Internet business like other Internet companies operating in Pakistan but we are here to enhance the awareness of IT amongst very talented youth of Pakistan and provide the best and unmatched service to its customers,” Amer claimed. “We are Pakistanis and have come back to our motherland with sole purpose of serving our people by providing them high class services in the 1T sector,” he said. Pakistani engineers and technicians have immense potential in them as compared with the foreign engineers.

He said that Pakistan’s telecommunication system could only be improved through effective management. At PTCL though we have skilled and efficient people but only thing missing in them is effective planning and management. He said engineer and other technical staff at NetSol in collaboration with PTCL officials were working hand in hand to provide easy and best services for the fast access of Internet in the country.

Source: Business Recorder