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NCBA&E Thesis show kicks off at Alhamra

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LAHORE – Thesis show of National College of Business Administration and Economics (Front lane campus) kicked off at Alhamra Arts Gallery on Thursday.

Some 30 students from textile, graphics, and fashion designing showcased their work featuring diverse approaches to their thesis projects according to their own perception and vision.

NCBA&E Creative Director Maryam Umar said, “Our students have delved into all forms of art to speak to their audience. They have produced great works digging deep in the world of creativity. I am glad that students have tried to highlight through their work the issues that are often neglected in the society.”

Syeda Ramsha Riffat, a student of Textile Department, said, “My thesis project titled ‘Feather Prisoners’ is to save our beautiful birds from extinction. Birds are one of the most innocent animals we have but we are not taking care of them instead we are disturbing their habitat and making them disappear from our sights. We all should do efforts and save these remaining birds breeds we have left in our country. By putting them in cages we don’t make them our friends we take their freedom away.”

Another student Hina Nazir whose work was displayed at the exhibition said, “Family perhaps is the only thing a person can’t choose on its own. I belong to a very modest family with certain limitations which I am bound to follow. I always had a passion for singing and dancing but my family didn’t allow me to pursue it. So, my collection is based on my everyday struggle of fighting the urge for dancing. My surface shows my struggle through its textures and colors while the silhouettes are a fusion of eastern and western.

Qandeel Fatima project titled ‘Beyond the Sight’ portrayed a strong and impactful image of blind children in their developmental stages that are constantly into the process of defining and completing their identity. Her strong desire was to celebrate their abilities as an essential part of society they also have equal rights and freedom to express.”

Rabia Arshad’s project titled ‘Fence’ in Noir highlighted the importance of black colour in everyday life.

Talking to this scribe, she said, “The black colour relates to the hidden world. It keeps thing bottled inside. It creates a barrier between itself and the outside world. It is the color of a new beginning. It gives an impression of elegance. It can be correctly identified as his/ her visual impression.”  The exhibition will continue till 13th Oct.

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