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Naseebo Lal to release brand new Punjabi remix albums

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LAHORERenowned Pakistani singer Naseebo Lal believes that, while the laudable work of established folk singers is indeed an asset, it is remixing old Punjabi songs that will give Pakistan’s fledgling music industry a run for its money.

These Punjabi songs represent our culture and tradition and so, need to be revived within our local music. With this concept, Naseebo has confirmed that she will be launching a series of albums in which she will sing Punjabi songs in their original forms but bring in modern twists. The albums will comprise the work of Noor Jahan, Mehdi Hassan and Reshma, along with some new Punjabi songs sung by Naseebo herself.

The O Rabba Dukhi Dil Mera singer was born into a nomadic family, originally from Rajasthan, India. Even after all the fame, to her credit, she did not forget her roots.

Naseebo has released many albums during her time in the industry, sang for numerous super hit films and also appeared in season nine of Coke Studio. The star has sung in Urdu as well, and has previously dabbled with Sufi music through her albums.

Speaking about the music industry and her future plans, Naseebo told The Express Tribune, “The past few years within the music industry have shown how difficult it is for those Punjabi singers who sang for films in the past. The only way to survive is to release your own music albums.”

She continued, “There was a time when I was one of the busiest singers for Punjabi films, around a decade ago. However, I couldn’t run away from the film industry crisis and it hit me. Since then, I have been waiting for the good old days to come back.”

The talented songstress went on to mention her disappointment regarding her dwindling singing career. “It is true that Pakistani cinema is back, but it only seems to be the case with Urdu films. Punjabi films are still in the dark. No one has contacted me for many years to sing for their films and it is very disappointing,” stated Naseebo. “So, I decided that it is time to launch my own albums. I will be selecting famous Punjabi folk songs which have earned fame over the years.”

She continued, “The only good thing that happened in the last decade was the chance to sing in Coke Studio. Without a doubt, it was one of the best experiences I have had and only after that, I was invited to sing and perform at different shows. Otherwise, I was making a living just off of performing at private parties.”

Naseebo went on to share her future plans and aspirations, “I am very clear about my future projects now – I will release my own albums. In the past, my albums were loved by my fans from villages and this time, I am aiming to please those villagers again.”

When speaking about the younger talent within Pakistan, the singer added, “I think the government should promote musical culture through academics in the far flung areas of the country. The provinces of Sindh and Punjab are enriched with young talent that awaits management and mentoring.”

She further expressed, “During my visit to India, I noticed that music academies exist even in the smallest of cities. I also saw many senior singers teaching music to new talent. It is my dream to set up a music academy for young music learners but due to the lack of resources, I am struggling.”

“There are many singers within the nomads in my area who need a platform. I am working really hard to set up this music academy and am hopeful that, soon, I will,” Naseebo determined.

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