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Nairang hosts indigenous crafts show

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LAHORE: A large number of art fanciers flocked to the Nairang Art Gallery on Friday where folk and contemporary crafts representing various regions of the country were on display.

On being asked about not following the common trend of holding painting exhibitions at an art gallery and exhibiting a craft show, renowned architect and the force behind Nairang Nayyar Ali Dada said: “Most galleries deal in paintings but we also hold craft shows because crafts and especially folk crafts are an indispensable part of our culture and heritage.”

He said the exhibition showed crafts representing various regions of the country. He said keeping in view the general lack of interest on the part of arts councils and galleries he was going to reserve a place in the upper portion of the gallery to save the dying crafts and musical instruments.

The articles on display included antique sofa sets, chairs, tables, metal works, brass lights, truck art, old phone sets, a gramophone etc. What merits a special mention is the Hala tiles, the beautiful work of art used in shrines of Sindh.

Former federal minister Syeda Abida Hussain inaugurated the exhibition. She said there was a great need to promote indigenous crafts and artisans.

Imrana Tiwana of the Lahore Conservation Society was also among the visitors. She said Nayyar Ali Dada was doing great service to the country by keeping folk crafts alive and promoting them. She said such exhibitions should also be held by arts councils so crafts and artisans could be promoted and appreciated.

A young visitor, Sana Sadaf, said the art pieces she had seen at the exhibition were new to her as such traditional stuff was hard to find at art galleries. A bed from Jhang with multi-coloured flower motifs was admired by many. The exhibition, curated by Fizza Shabbar, will remain on display till Feb 7.


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