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Nadra’s fingerprint problem

I APPLIED for a new NIC at the Gulshan Town Nadra branch, Karachi, on March 9, (receipt No. 17).

The new card was scheduled to be collected within 60 days. After the completion of the duration, I was informed that my application had been withheld.

The reason – a strange one – given was that my fingerprint did not match with that of my earlier NIC’s (i.e. before marriage).

So, I revisited the Nadra office on May 11 where my fingerprint was re-taken. I was again told that the card would come in within 15 days. But, still, I have not received my card.

If my fingerprint was not recorded properly at either branch of the Nadra, it is not my fault. It is the failure of Nadra’s man and machine power. Otherwise, it is not possible that the fingerprint of the same person comes out differently at two Nadra branches (of Lahore and Karachi respectively).

It is the staff’s duty to ensure that the fingerprint of every applicant is recorded properly.

It is a pity that I have been made to wait for such a long time (80 days) for a fault that was not mine. The unavailability of my new card has forced me to delay some important tasks. I would, therefore, request the authorities concerned to look into the matter on an urgent basis.

Source: Dawn