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Nadra changes elderly man’s gender in new CNIC

SIALKOT: NADRA officials issued the Computerised National Identity Card (CNIC) to an old man and changed his sex despite his photo on the card.

76-year-old Muhammad Nazir, a resident of Village Harrar-Uggoki, applied for his CNIC. The NADRA officials issued him CNIC under his name Muhammad Nazir, gender female and his husband’s name as Suraya Bibi.

Talking to the newsmen, Nazir said, “Though the NADRA has changed his sex at his old age, but no one from NADRA getting responsibility of this.” He said that he had become a ‘football’ between the NADRA offices in Sialkot, Lahore and Islamabad in his old age for getting corrected this NADRA officials’ blunder, but he still remains unable to correct this faulty CNIC. He urged NADRA Chairman to take notice for the early redressal of his grievance. When contacted, the senior officials in NADRA Sialkot termed this fault as a “human error”. They showed their inability regarding the correction of this mistake.

They said that the only NADRA higher officials in Lahore and Islamabad were eligible to correct this mistake.
Source: The Nation