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Moor packed with action and drama

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KARACHI: Upcoming film Moor based on family’s struggle with dishonesty and the breaking down of a country’s morality and loss of honesty, their personal struggle and search for their own truths.

A village station master stuck in time rediscovers his love for his wife through a journey of self-awareness propelled by her death, beyond his village and into the real world for the first time. The experience empowers him to rise beyond deep childhood insecurities and complexes triggered by his mother’s suicide on his beloved train tracks. The awakening ultimately helps him fight the engulfing corruption in the railways, ultimately saving his son and reuniting his family; his wife’s last wish.

This Independence Day, audiences in Pakistan will have the chance to witness a cinematic love letter to the motherland.Directed by Jami, Moor (used for ‘mother’ and ‘the land’ in Pushto) has been in the works for a while. Jami began working on the film in 2007 and it sees fruition after nearly eight years, the year after he made his debut as film director with O21.

Packed with action and drama, the film is Jami’s answer to “how we should handle ourselves in a Pakistan where a new drama unfolds everyday,” a film about Pakistan, which is specifically about trains and about families, a film that puts Balochistan on the big screen, a region with unparalleled cinematic value, issues in the train network are the worst in Balochistan. The trains, which are the cheapest form of transport, were systematically shut down by corrupt people, which affected many, many lives.

Hameed Shiekh, Samia Mumtaz, Ayaz Samoo, Soniya Hussain, Abdul Qadir as well as New York-based actor, Shaz Khan, in prominent roles. Strings were famously roped in to produce Moor’s seven-song soundtrack, Meesha Shafi, Javed Bashir, Rahim Shah and Rahma Ali sings song of Moor. Anwar Maqsood penned the lyrics for the film’s songs.There is expected to be some really hard hitting stuff coming your way in form of Moor. Keep your fingers crossed and enjoy the ride.

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