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Mobile connectivity redefined

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Youth is the most engaged and aware segment in the society hence it is often seen that brands look to target this segment and try to win their sentiments across the board. This generation expects services ‘on demand’ and they want choice that can be capitalised when they are beginning a new journey as independent consumers and are defining themselves through the brands they choose.

Those that are brand loyal have clear expectations. They want either material gain i.e. free products, a good discount or a winnable competition while there are some who would say that they do not follow a single brand.

Keeping this in view marketers in the telecom industry often scratch their heads wondering about the realities of mobile consumption. Each consumer has his own requirement but there are many similarities in their usage of the cellular services. There are a number of students who mainly open emails through their cell phones and choose it as their preferred way to keep in touch whereas others may choose a cellular provider based on the value addition other than just voice and data.

Its not only about using the latest platforms but being useful, relevant or at the very least entertaining. Today to reach the target market one needs to make an impact and also to look beyond and think about how they will maintain the success of their offer by building a relationship with a demographic that could provide them with accusation of new customers.

Ufone, one of Pakistan’s leading cellular service provider, recently introduced Uth Pack which has redefined mobile connectivity forever. Uth Pack entered into a whole new mode of looking at the consumer linkage with the brand through mobile telephony. It brings not just the best in voice, SMS and topnotch data but has gone extra mile and brought a complete lifestyle where the users have access to the world’s best brands at 350+ outlets across Pakistan with amazing discounts.

The concept of affiliations or having affinity partners first introduced by Ufone (who has proven to be a trend setter in the market, always bringing new & fresh concepts) is one of those notions which are now considered as the most up-to-the-minute model of adding improvement to the services provided. Many other telcos state that they provide the same level of service to the customers claiming a widespread nationwide presence (in terms of affinities) but the reality is quite the opposite of what they claim.

Ufone is the country’s first telco who has taken such youth centricsteps by offering a wholesome product that is far beyond just the basic cellular offerings. The addition of numerous affinity partners offering discounts in more than 350+ branded outlets across the country makes Ufone the most triumphant brand in the country. Customers have saved a huge sum of money by availing discounts at McDonalds, Cinnabon, Dunkin’ Donuts, Crossroads, Accessorize, Crocs, Timberland, Adidas, Swatch, Dell, The Body Shop, Accessorize and Merle Norman, etc. The discounts being offered have kindled the lifestyle value for the youth and have helped them save their pocket money plus their energies for finding out places offering discounts.

Telecommunication is about impacting and changing people’s lives. One can see the impact specifically where Ufone has introduced new means of communication and has enabled new models of civilisation. Changes happening in the telco sector are just a beginning; it’s them who have to choose where they see themselves in future. Ufone with such an extra ordinary effort in deciding has determined to earn feat through their future strategies.

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