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Mobile app to track MPs’ performance launched

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PESHAWAR: A group of youngsters have introduced an android application through which voters can keep track of the performance of their elected representatives.

The launching of the app ‘TrackReps’ was announced at the Peshawar Press Club on Thursday.

The app aims to make public all existing data relating to any provincial assembly member and his performance ever since he was elected to the house. The information will include bills submitted, laws proposed and projects initiated by the selected member during his tenure.

“It provides all data relating to public representative’s performance at the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa assembly with the aim that the users can make educated voting decisions in the future,” claimed Mohsin Tariq, one of the creators. “This will also help in holding the candidate accountable. All this has now been made accessible through a phone application,” he added

After signing in to the application, users will find different folders containing information regarding provincial Assembly, committees of the assembly, legislative Business, and updates of the proceedings.

“There is also a folder that will have results of the polls generated by the admin and feedback from the users,” he added.

“It will certainly keep a check on the elected members,” said Tariq, adding that there is a lack of information among public about their own representatives. “Once they [assembly members] are elected, they don’t even know whether those elected are playing their due role in the assembly or not,” he lamented.

“Voters don’t know how government is performing after they have been elected and entrusted with power,” said Tariq.

“We believe that this application will help create awareness among the public,” he hoped.

He further said that one of the most important laws made during this government was ‘Right to Information’, but many people were still unaware of its effectiveness.

This application can be scaled to the National Assembly which represents the whole nation, said Hamail Raza, Local Engagement Analyst for the application said, adding that a similar application could be replicated for better monitoring of all the public.Chief Operation Officer of the venture Shafeeq Gigyani said this platform aims to empower people by utilizing digital tools and making information easily accessible to the people. “Masses can see the performances of their representatives via this simple app and can make a right decision in the next election,” Said Gigyani.

The number of smartphone users has increased exponentially, especially after the introduction of cheaper smart phones and 3G and 4G services in the country, he said.


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