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Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman’s arrest blurs govt’s transparency of accountability

Pakistan Press Foundation

ISLAMABAD: The supreme head of Shia Ulema Board and the Millat-e-Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi Sunday said that the stigma of vengeance on the government measures would have to be erased with regard to establishing the state of Madina model in Pakistan.

“The arrest of Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman has further blurred the government transparency of accountability,” he asserted this in a letter, he wrote to Prime Minister Imran Khan. He said that Allah had given this opportunity to the prime minister to serve Pakistan and he would have to take every step keeping in mind the ‘Seerat’ of Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH).

Moosavi noted that Imran Khan enjoyed popularity but he should remember that by following the ‘Seerat’ of Holy Prophet (PBUH), Pakistan could be transformed into a Madni state. He explained how the Holy Prophet (PBUH) declared the house of those, who had chewed the liver of his beloved uncle Hazrat Hamza (RA), a place of shelter.

He pointed out that the looters and plunderers of public wealth and revenue collected through their taxes were roaming freely and while the leaders of banned outfits sitting along with the government and the opposition while they were part of the Ulema Board and were seen its meetings, trampling the National Action Plan.

The noted religious leader wondered for what crime the family of Mir Khalil-ur-Rahman, who had strengthened the foundation of the state and journalism, was being punished. “The services of Jang and other newspapers just cannot be forgotten during the Pakistan Movement. For Allah’s sake, don’t provide chance of celebrations to Pakistan’s enemies,” he said.

The government, he emphasised, should have mercy on poor journalists, who were finding it impossible to feed their families even before the lockdown, what to talk of paying school dues of their children and bear the medical care expenses.

Moosavi contended that on the Victory of Makkah, when the Holy Prophet (PBUH) entered the place of his ancestors, ten thousands companions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) were making announcements that it was the day of quenching the thirst of vengeance and that it was the day of revenge. But the history had witnessed a strange scene, when those who had subjected the Holy Prophet (PBUH) to unprecedented brutalities were amnestied and pardoned. “Today is not the day of revenge but of mercy,” the Holy Prophet (PBUH) had declared on the occasion.

He said that the orphan of Hazrat Abdullah (RA) had not only conquered the worst enemies of Islam but also the countless centuries of time by saying that, “you may leave, you are all free and will not be avenged for anything”.

Moosavi noted that history was unable to produce a similar example of tolerance, restraint, prudence, foresightedness and mercy, and even the non-Muslim historians conceded that none in the history of the world was found to be so tolerant, wise and foresighted as the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Moosavi said that the people who had been the victims of terrorism, corruption, unemployment and price hikes were pinning hopes in the incumbent government. “The government must also take to task those advisors, who instead of resolving problems were adding to the same. He made it clear, “our prime objective is the strengthening of the country, establishment of a welfare system and unity among all sects and schools of thought and our prayers and supplications will continue for all patriotic and sincere people of Pakistan for this purpose, however, will never shy of speaking truth in front of any dictator or tyrant for the sacred objectives”.

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