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Minorities protest cartoons

KARACHI: The Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) minority wing organized a convention at the Idara Noor-e-Haque Monday to discuss inter-religious harmony and the printing of blasphemous cartoons in Danish newspapers.

More than 25 religious representatives took part in the convention, including Muslims, Christians, Hindus and Sikhs, and demanded that the government of Pakistan cut all diplomatic and economic ties with Denmark.

Addressing the convention, JI Ameer Karachi, Muhammad Hussain Mehanti said, “The blasphemous cartoons being printed in the Danish newspapers is spreading outrage in the Muslim world. This is a plot to make the Muslims and Christians fight amongst themselves even though the people of the two religions are living peacefully amongst each other.” Mehanti said that the United Nations (UN) and Organizations of Islamic Conference (OIC) should take notice of the situation and file a suit against the newspapers printing the blasphemous cartoons in international courts.

Bishop Ejaz Inayat announced that the printing of the cartoons is being condemned by the Christian residents of Karachi and they will protest at the Karachi Press Club on Friday, February 29.

Priest Thomas Gulfam, condemning the act, said that the Danish newspapers have been constantly hurting the Muslim community.

Hindu Community Representative Jay Pal Chapria said that we should respect all religions as all religions of the world preach lessons of humanity. He added that this was a shameful event and the Hindu community condemned it.

Naeem Uz Zaman Khokhar, Muslim Pervaiz, Priest Jayswan Bhatti, Priest Asif, Victor Das, Younus Sohan, Priest Akhtar Gul, Priest Anwar Rehmat, Priest Ams Daniel, Priest Razzaq Inayat and Priest Naseem Kaleem also addressed the convention.

A unanimous resolution, that the blasphemous publications are set to promulgate international terrorism, was passed at the convention. The resolution has sought the trial and punishment of the cartoon publishers under international law.
Source: Daily Times