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Militants warn Swat DHO, NGOs to halt activities

SWAT – Deputy Chief of the de-funct Tehrik-e-Taliban, Swat chapter, Shah Dawran warned District Health Officer and rep-resentative of iodine project of The Micronutrient Initiative (Ca-nadian NGO) for grave conse-quences if they did not halt their projects. According to defails Shah e Dawran strongly threatened DHO for cooperating with NGOs in Swat district. He said that the role of DHO s not appreciable and his attitude with staff is very harsh. Meanwhile, he also warned rep- esentative of iodine project Javeed Alarn to close the projecttnd leave the area. He said that ,efore it we have already been kidnapped and penalised for the same but still he is playing ac- tive role for iodine promotion, therefore, we have warned for killing.
The decision they made after receiving Rs 3700 per salt proc- essors for refurbishment from iodine project. Taliban claimed that these fuñds are foreign aid, which is used. against them.

The representative of iodine project said that he contacted leaders of Taliban a couple of
days back regarding the use and importance of iodine but their response was negative and they threatened him. The militants bitterly opposed NGOs and they consider them
pro-west and accuse their mem- bers of working for the western political agenda using funds pro-vided by international donors.

In their views iodine project is too an NGO receiving funds from western donors.
Naveed Alam, Master in Soci-ology from Peshawar University, is an emp~oyeé of the Micronu-trient Imitative.
He has 14 family members and has no other sources of income except this employment
but Taliban militants were send- ing him threats for harsh treat-ment. It is pertinent to
mention that representative of Iodine Project Naveed Alam was kidnapped by militants a
few days back and tortured him and fortunately later on he was released but warned that
if he resumed his job he would harshly be treated.

Source: The Nation