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Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) worth $200 m signed for software exports

KARACHI- Minister for Science and Technology Prof Dr Atta-ur Rahman said MoUs to the tune of over $200 million had been signed during ITCN Asia 2001 Exhibition.

Dr Atta-ur-Rehman said that he attended the ceremony of signing of two software development MoUs. KalSoft Private Limited signed two MoUs with two visiting foreign firms, one from the United States and the other from Singapore.

A MoU worth Rs 50 million for software export to the United States was signed between CEO, Abdul Ghaffar Memon of KalSoft and 0oster Raza, CEO of eS2R, incorporated in the United States. The other agreement forUS$20 million was signed between Kalsoft and E-Commerce Gateway Singapore.

Country gateway was announced at ITCN Asia 2001 Exhibition, in the form of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Sunday. Speaking on the occasion, Dr Atta said that the Development Gateway was needed since long. Steps to put in shape were being taken by the Information Technology (IT) professionals all over the world, who were very sympathetic to the cause of promoting IT. According to him the very gate cost of the project has been estimated at $60 million and an initial amount of$75,000 had been made available by a financial firm to carry out a comprehensive study in this regard.

Ghaffar Memon of KalSoft said: “We have also been appointed as sole representatives in Pakistan for complete outsourcing originating from eS2R, destined for Pakistan.” He said that other regions would also be included under this MoU, which would add to credible channels redirected from Pakistan to other countries as well.

“Ooster Raza of eS2R described it as “a very significant development” for them. He said it was the first step in working with Pakistan’s IT Firms, as more would follow since the progress so far promised an excellent working relationship. On the occasion, another MoU worth $20 million was signed between KalSoft and E-Commerce Gateway Singapore.

The understanding thus established, promised software exports from Pakistan to Singapore. CEO of E-Commerce Gateway, Singapore, Wong Jeh Shyan termed the deal as an outcome of attending the 1TCN Asia 2001. He said that if they had not attended this event, they would have been deprived of this marvelous opportunity to do business with Pakistan’s IT firms.
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