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Media urged to support Pakistan’s position on Afghanistan

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Islamabad  :Experts on Tuesday has said Pakistani media should also come forward to support Pakistan’s position on Afghanistan, as our country should not be treated as a scapegoat for failure of US policy in Afghanistan.

Talking to ‘The News’, Dr Usman Ali, a university professor has said that the much awaited Trump policy on Afghanistan and South Asia is out. While acknowledging Pakistan’s efforts and sacrifices in War on Terror as a US ally, Trump said that Pakistan has “much to gain” from partnering with the US, but also warned “it has much to lose by continuing to harbour criminals and terrorists.” However the State Department came up with a much more practical and diplomatic statement.

He said that new integrated strategy for the US approach to South Asia will require diplomatically engaging Pakistan, Afghanistan and India to create the conditions for stability in the region. It signals clear support for the Afghan people and government and security forces in their fight against terrorists and prevent the reestablishment of safe havens in the country.

Another university Professor Wajid Hussain has said that the signals emanating from White House, Capitol Hill and mainstream media on ‘US policy on Afghanistan’ point to a rather frustrated and confused mindset. Trump in his speech also addressed a divided domestic polity; however it is expected that some Pakistani, Indian and international media outlets would use cherry picking to assault law enforcement agencies. “We should be ready to bear the heat and develop a counter narrative,” he added.

He said that Pakistani media should also come forward to support Pakistan’s position on Afghanistan,  there is a need to build a strong national narrative and convey to international community that Pakistan should not be treated as a scapegoat failure of US policy in Afghanistan.

Dr Usman Ali said international community should also ponder on the prolonged Afghan conflict; If US led military alliance of 46 countries could not stem the tide of insurgency after spending almost one trillion dollars over a period of 16 years, what do they expect from Pakistan? On her part Pakistan army has done a tremendous job by successful fight against terrorist on her soil.

“Time has come to appreciate the strategic environment in Afghanistan and find a political solution to the imbroglio by taking all stake holders on board,” he added.

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