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Media urged to play its role effectively

KARACHI – Media can play vital role in promoting awareness about justice, peace and poverty alleviation.
This was observed at the concluding session of a three-day national workshop on “Media and democratic governance”, organized jointly by the Pakistan Press Foundation and The Asia Foundation on August 31.

Those who spoke at the workshop included Fatima Suraiya Bajia, renowned drama writer and adviser to chief minister; PPF’s vice-president Fazal Qureshi, general secretary Owais Aslam Ali and consultant Kamla Marvi Tapal.

The speakers observed that journalists particularly in rural areas could be more helpful by focusing on these areas to bring about visible changes in socio-economic conditions of the country.

They said that media being a powerful tool could be employed in fight against poverty and injustices. They were of the view that journalists could take it as a cause to fight against social evils in all parts of the country in general and rural areas in particular due to abject poverty, injustices and other social problems prevailing there.

They noted that it would be better to spread awareness at grassroots level through launching campaigns and holding workshops. On women’s role in poverty alleviation and ensuring peace and justice, they said that women comprised half of the country’s population. They stressed that women should come forward and join journalism to raise the issues particularly confronting womenfolk.

“They can fight the case of women in a better way and could be more helpful in changing the stereotype image about women and to provide them justice in violence against them,” they added.

Fatima Suraiya Bajia said that there was no dearth of talent in the country, but, commitment with a cause and a mission was required. She said: “A great responsibility lies on journalists as the words published or aired carried a far reaching impact.”

Source: Dawn