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Media responsibility

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Sir: Nowadays, the most significant news in the media and in all the newspapers is about the barbaric incident in which a minor girl was subjected to rape after being abducted outside her house. This incident was followed by half a dozen similar cases, all reported widely in the media, especially on television channels, as breaking news. In Pakistan, families watch television together with minor girls and boys.

Children ask questions about the news relayed after every minute on these channels. If all channels repeat such segments of the news at regular intervals or make it breaking news, it is natural that children, especially minor girls, ask about the incident. It is very hard for parents to face this situation. I request the concerned authorities and channels that such news should not be repeated every minute. Instead, this kind of news should be relayed in news bulletins. The government should announce a policy to address this issue and television authorities should also understand the norms of our society by focusing on spreading awareness about solutions instead of just highlighting such issues unnecessarily.

For such kinds of cases the media can work responsibly to create awareness by suggesting that parents tell their children about avoiding unknown people and reporting any strange behaviour and actions even by people they know. This responsible behaviour by the media will help to minimise such crimes.


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